Survey reveals rising wa farm confidence by 1-in-6

Survey reveals rising wa farm confidence by 1-in-6

Survey shows rising wa farm confidence by 1-in-6 – SEE MORE VIDEOS

This trend of higher farm earnings and low land prices have increased the willingness of Americans to grow fruits, vegetables, flowers and flowers and sausages on their own farms with fewer subsidies. A growing number of consumers – including families that already had small farms – have grown to view them as viable alternatives, while many others, such as small farm owners, are turning more toward growing their own food without the use of government assistance and with less financial risk.

The study was based on data collected in 2013 and 2014, and it reveals that the percentage of farm business owners who said they have an adequate amount of savings is rising by 1-in-6 – a 2.1% increase from the prior year. That was the highest level since the 1970s and is higher than that found in 2005.

For the first time, researchers found that the percentage of American households that could grow fruits or vegetables was growing rapidly and had risen from only about 27% in 1975. That percent다 파벳 카지노age increased to about 40% in 2009, but it is falling because people are increasingly willing to work on smaller, family-si바카라 그림 보는 법zed farms.

“Our data clearly demonstrate that farm income has fallen, while the percentage of farms that have enough farm income to keep up with their employees’ food expenses is up,” said the report’s author, Michael Reich, an economist at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

This increase in economic freedom and fewer social programs help farm owners keep their costs down and maintain family 바카라 실시간operations – benefits of a farm economy that can generate upward of $21,000 per household.