Lack of funds holds up png investigation into missing $2

Lack of funds holds up png investigation into missing $2.1 million US worth of funds from Bank of China to Malaysia

According to the FBI, the suspects were “under the guise of a local businessman named Ching Yen Hua”, and claimed to be “investigating various suspicious financial transactions”, including buying $4 million in shares in a mining company that the bank wanted to shut down, but that had been purchased with money that the bank had taken from customers, the San Francisco Times reports.

As the bank was closing the accounts, bank staff allegedly told people to deposit the money in the bank’s accounts, then to contact the bank’s China operations and deposit it on a credit card.

“After the alleged bank fraud, at approximately 4.35pm on November 2, 2017, the suspects allegedly went to a bank branch in Hong Kong, which was known to be under construction and located near a port on the mainland,” the FBI said in a statement. “After requesting a special vehicle to carry out the financial transaction, the suspects went to a different branch, this time using the same special vehicle. From at least 9.15pm on November 2, 2017, the suspects continued the financial transaction, but this time with the help of a second individual, who was also connected with the business,” it added.

‘Financial fraud’ charge

“The suspects are reported to have been able to withdraw nearly $2.1 million in US dollar, Australian dollar, Singapore dollars, Japanese yen, Chinese yuan, Brazilian real, or Colombian pesos from various accounts in the three major banks involved,” it said.

“The suspects are also alleged to have used these funds to provide a series of fraudulent financial statements, the amount of which exceeds $10 million USD, to two financial institutions, UBS (the Swiss bank) and BNP Paribas (the French bank),” it s우리카지노aid.

One of the bank employees said the men attempted to make a payme카지노 사이트nt of $10,000 in US dollars to US bank account #1801.

“The employee did not receive the money when the request was made, as she believed the transaction would be made directly to her bank account,” the FBI said.

The bank investigation “is ongoing,” it said.

A source familiar with the bank’s investigation said “it’s a lot of money”.

‘No reason’ for the scam

A spokesman for the B카지노 사이트NP Paribas declined to comment on specific allegations but said: “We are working on thi