Bureaucrat admits to dishonest use of kelly lettering as evidence to prosecute

Bureaucrat admits to dishonest use of kelly lettering as evidence to prosecute


Two Victorian prosecutors have admitted using faulty kelly lettering to accuse lawyers of dishonestly promoting their clients.

Prosecutors in Queensland were accused of using the lettering to pursue allegations against lawyers for criminal activity such as drugs or murder, The Courier-Mail can reveal.

The prosecutors, who are understood to have obtained the false evidence from lawyers and prosecution witnesses, then told the Court of Criminal Appeal on Monday that they believed the evidence was legitimate.

The lawyers who supplied evidence had supplied information that was believed to be unreliable by police and Crown lawyers, the court heard.

The lawyer accused of using the false evidence, former Victorian court-to-court counsel Tony Cope QC, has denied that he has ever used the kelly lettering in court but has admitted the evidence was fabricated.

Mr Cope, who quit as an assistant commissioner with the Victorian criminal branch 우리카지노in 2016, said the kelly lettering was produced by one of the state’s leading experts on forensic evidence.

He also said the lettering had been shown to the defence by a forensic expert, who he told the court was “fearless and reliable”.

He denied using it “in a case that you are curren바카라사이트tly reviewing and possibly a possible prosecution for criminal conduct”.

The Court of Criminal Appeal ordered the pair to pay $40,000 each to cover costs.

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