Mongols member first face queensland anti bikie laws

Mongols member first face queensland anti bikie laws

THE MONGOLS have joined forces w블랙 잭ith their rivals to put on an anti bikie concert next month with anti racism posters and tributes to murdered bikie leaders.

media_camera Anti racism posters will go up in Bentleigh’s streets.

Singer George “Jocko” Smith, known for his hit song Dirty Money, will join forces with other prominent members of a movement that believes racial vilification contributes to the growing problem of gang violence and crime.

One poster on view at Aussie Place in Bentleigh, where the singer will perform, will display images of the murdered gang leaders’ faces, like those used by anti-racists to rally behind on Australian street마사지s before last year’s State and Local Bikie Law reform debate.

“They (the members of the anti bikie community) do it everyday with the police and the courts, and for this cause they have the world by the throat to say you can’t use that as a way to get your message out,” Smith told 612 ABC Brisbane.

“They want to use it as a way to show how a 에그 벳lot of people are going through, or are in their families or close to they in a place like Bentleigh and other parts of New South Wales.”

media_camera George ‘Jocko’ Smith from the ‘I’m A Jocko’ group performing at the Aussie Place in Bentleigh.

The Bentleigh band will play their classic song “We Will Rock You” alongside acts like the B-52’s and Red Hot Chili Peppers.

One poster, called ”Bent Over For Bentleigh” will feature the band’s drummer Johnny Pritchard who died in a motorcycle accident in 2012 and whose death was blamed on the bikie lifestyle.

“The reason it’s the way it is, it is because they were killing people, and they were in those clubs and we would take that money, so that was what we put that in, and we still do,” said Smith.

Smith said bikie culture had become a threat to society and had to go.

“But it’s not only them, it’s the younger generations who are doing it, it was one of the reasons why we had the anti bikie law. People think we have stopped them but there are plenty out there that are still doing it.”

There will also be a performance of ‘