Liberal rebels call for spill

Liberal rebels call for spill

By Mark Di Stefano, The Canadian Press

TORONTO — Canada’s government says it cannot be bought in the Senate — but the opposition우리 카지노 parties are seeking to buy its support for a controversial $90-billion pipeline project.

At issue is a major project that is critical to Canada’s energy security and a crucial piece of the Liberal promise to build a pipeline from Alberta to the Atlantic Coast.

But Opposition parties say the pipeline is key to environmental protections and climate change and will destroy the environment and damage job creation in the region.

The opposition also argue the pipeline will impact drinking water, the environment and health through the transmission of pollutants.

The government released a document Wednesday offering a fram바카라ework for negotiations, arguing there should not be a vote in the upper chamber.

Government MPs insist their intention is to buy votes and ensure the government keeps its promise. They also say the pipeline would reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and would create jobs.

But environmental groups, which have been campaigning against the pipeline, argue the government needs to show it’s serious about ending climate change.

강남출장안마One of the groups, Friends of the Earth Canada, is pressing for a vote to be delayed after months of public opposition.