Mallee poll results nearly finalised and a new poll is now up in the air

Mallee poll results nearly finalised and a new poll is now up in the air.

The St James polling institute has released the results, which clearly show two major parties are heading to electoral retirement:

Labor, who will stay in government, as predicted by the majority of those surveyed.

Labor, whose share of the vote is down from the 2015 election, and who will be forced to negotiate with other parties in the Coalition coalition.

The Greens, which have won a slight share of the vote, after winning 15 seats in the 2015 election.

The poll results were announced by the president of St James University, Professor Neil Cappon, who said that these results reflected Australians’ anger about the situation of the economy, as well as a growing concern about politics and national security.

In a statement, Professor Cappon said the바카라사이트 results had clearly established the Turnbull government had failed to deliver “significant change”.

“This is an election for change,” Pro바카라fessor Cappon said. “There has never been a stronger case for voters to leave governments they disagree with than in this election.”

“This is the election that will define a new politics of government — for the Australian public to decide their place in the political process from Canberra.”

Senator Cory Bernardi said the results showed a huge shift in the public’s mood towards the Prime Minister.

“What the polls have been telling us since early August — that the government was struggling and that voters were deeply disappointed at the lack of progress in key areas, such as infrastructure and education — is clear,” Senator Bernardi said.

“This government has made some promising steps in areas such as housing affordability, with the promise of tax cuts for the middle class, but they have gone nowhere. It remains to be seen whether they can deliver the same level of significant reform, even if they are not able to deliver on some of their promises.”

Professor Cappon said while Mr Turnbull was facing down public opinion over “some of his most important issues”, he had a “firm grasp of the challenges the country is facing” and had created a government that was “strong and independent”.

The president of St James said the new poll did not provide a new prediction.

The survey had a margin of error of between 3 per cen바카라사이트t and 5 per cent. It showed the Liberals had increased the Liberal vote by about 7 per cent.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull (pictured) says the poll results show his government needs to put voters firs