Swedish crime writer henning mankell dies at 77

Swedish crime writer henning mankell dies at 77

Båtnes, who died at the age of 77 on Thursday, first got a lot of attention in 2006 for his novel “Saving Private Ryan,” which is about the 2007 terrorist attack in Afghanistan that killed 10 soldiers.

But more than just a personal favorite of his, it was also an award-winning, critically acclaimed novel in which he detailed his experience working with Osama bin Laden and the Pentagon’s war on terror. The novel hit the New York Times bestseller list, which has the usual suspects such as Simon & Schuster or Barnes and Noble.

While he had little time to enjoy his latest book, his daughter Bethany, a retired police officer, was very sad to hear about his passing.

Sh평택안마e wrote the f샌즈 카지노ollowing post to Facebook about her father:

“Båtnes had a bright mind, beautiful and warm eyes. He was also a very devoted father and grandfather. He would always be there for our sons, whether he was at the airport, shopping, or visiting his favorite bookstore. He loved his children very much, he didn’t let their health trouble hinder him in any way. As a husband and father, it’s hard for me 포항안마to understand, but in the last 15 years I’ve known of a friend or colleague I’m very deeply in love with. His life, though it didn’t end so easily, has certainly ended the most, and that would be hard to imagine. Our hearts go out to his children, his wife and grandchildren. Our prayers go out to his entire family. RIP Henning. ”

As of Thursday morning, Henning’s family only had a couple of words of sympathy to offer him: “Thanks, bro,” one wrote.