Fears for passengers as car plunges into perth river

Fears for passengers as car plunges into perth river

In an extraordinary turn of events, a car carrying 11 passengers with luggage from Thailand to Perth has plunged into the Perth River in Perth.

The driver jumped from his car before it hit the carriageway around 11am after the collision which took place on the main road into Cottesloe, about 10km northwest of CBD.

Police are yet to establish the cause of the crash and have not yet issued a statement on whether or not an incident report has been submitted, but a passenger is quoted as saying there was smoke from burning tires before the crash.

“It sounded like something really awful happened when we got off the car and then it just stopped completely.”

In the CCTV shot, there are five to six other cars passing nearby and one person is seen in the back seat of the car. The driver appears to be holding a backpack in his right hand.

While the passenger w더나인 카지노ho was in the vehicle escaped relatively unharmed with minor cuts and scrapes, police said they are not sure how many passengers were aboard when the crash took place.

One man identified as Chris was in the front passenger seat of a dark, four-door vehicle but was unharmed by the crash.

He said: “We just took some pictures and got out of the car when we heard the crash and then we realized it was not someone we knew.”

“I’m looking around with one hand and there was blood all over the seat and on the floor.

“Then we just샌즈 카지노 went to investigate. I didn’t know the people on the car or their names.”

The driver of the grey four-door car, a 27-year-old man from Thailand, who cannot be named, is believed to have been taken to Perth’s Royal Perth Hospital where he바카라 게임 has since been transferred to a police station.

A police spokesperson said: “It was an ongoing investigation and nothing is known at this stage.”

The crash took place after the incident took place at the intersection of Cottesloe and Westpark roads.

In the CCTV footage, one of the occupants can be seen in the rear view mirror of the car while the other two pedestrians were in the front seat with minor scrapes and cuts from the collision.

There is also a piece of a black plastic bag seen lying beside the car as evidence. A female passenger of a similar car, believed to have been travelling to Perth, can also be seen in the rea