Tiwi women petition against forest clearing and land reform

Tiwi women petition against forest clearing and land reform

In the wake of an open letter penned by Tiwi people in response t예스카지노o the government’s recent land reform bill (HLR) in the State of Maharashtra, activists have come out to protest against the bill.

They are asking Maharashtra chief minister Devendra Fadnavis and the state government to respect the will of Tiwi and protect their rights.

“We are not aware of this and it seems to be a very simple document without any elaboration.

They have also asked the governme타이 마사지nt to keep quiet on land changes to the T파라오 카지노iwi forest of which there are only 50 square kms,” said an angry Tiwi activist Shastri Bedi, who is on the organising committee of ‘Tiwi Women, Men and Boys: A Letter to the Chief Minister and the State Government.”

The state of Maharashtra has proposed to take a land reform and land reform has been in the works for last few years.

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According to the letter, the change of Forest Department’s land status from a non-use to an open use will affect about 300,000 hectares of land across the State.

“We are sure that the tepid stance taken by the Maharashtra government and their failure to listen to the will of Tiwi will result in a worse future for us as the tepid stance adopted by them will result in loss of resources for our womenfolk,” wrote the letter authors.

“The land changes we see in the open utilisation of the land that is already in existence, could be a huge boost and cause more money to be generated which will help to uplift the living standards of our people,” said the protest leader.